Walking through the history of Newtown

In July 2015 a group of 35 rural experts from America, Canada, Australia and the UK visited Newtown as part of a conference tour of Wales. Over seven days they presented papers and visited different parts of Wales to find out more about how the rural Wales is being affected by globalisation and to explain their own research to other experts.

As part of their visit we prepared a 'historical walking tour' of Newtown as an experiment to see how technology could be used to help people understand both the history and the geography of places they are visiting.

This proved to be great fun, and a nice break before two days of intensive lectures at Greynog Hall! 


The 'Story Map' below is what they used. It is based on a free piece of software called StoryMap JSWhile it is not perfect and quite basic in terms of what it does, it provides an illustration of the sort of thing we are thinking of producing for visitors to the town.