Newtown Survey 2016

In September 2016  the Global-Rural team conducted a survey of people in Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn, supplemented by shorter street surveys. The survey aimed to collect views of residents about life in their town and how they would see the town changing, whilst also trying to understand more about how they view ‘globalisation’.

A brief summary of some key points is provided on these pages, but for the full report click this link [here]

We visited a fifth of the residential properties in Newtown, selected at random and calling on each at different times of the day (between 10am and 7pm). In total 162 people participated in the main household survey, with an additional 72 responses from the street surveys.

Example of random selection of properties visited at least once for survey 2016

The surveys covered a range of subjects, with over 60 questions lasting 30 – 40 minutes! (so we are very grateful for people’s support!) Some were about Newtown specifically, others about things like consumption habits, attitudes to global issues, and civic engagement. Some questions were ‘open’ - the surveyor wrote down what the respondent said – while others gave people a menu of choices (e.g. about International Issues). The latter provide responses that are statistically more meaningful but tell us less about what people actually think. Combining the two approaches hopefully gives a fuller picture.