Surveys are one of the research methods we are using to capture information and opinions about life in Newtown.

These range in scale and scope, from surveys with specific sectors of the population or focused around particular town events, to a broader household survey designed to encompass all Newtown residents. The following are examples of the surveys we have carried out so far, ones that we are working on currently, and our plans for future survey research:

Past – business survey Mochdre Sign photo taken by the Global-Rural project

We have conducted a survey of businesses across three of the town’s industrial estates (Mochdre, Vastre and Dyffryn) in order to ask questions about the business networks that operate in and through the town.  Respondents were questioned about the extent of their trade relations, where they are buying from and selling to, and the issues and challenges associated with being a rural business. 48 firms responded to the survey – you can read more about their responses on the global industry project pages.

Household Survey/Street Survey

During summer 2016 we conducted a large household survey to gain an insight into how globalisation is impacting on our everyday lives and behaviours in relation to things such as the food and drink we consume, the places we work and travel, and the forms of leisure and entertainment that we enjoy. We also asked a number of questions about Newtown and its future. Further details can be viewed here.