Findings and Feedback

What we heard

Of the 48 businesses that completed surveys…

  • 31% Manufacturing; 35% Retail
  • 47% with <9 employees; 45% between 10-49 employees
  • 35% of businesses established in Newtown before 1990, 65% of businesses after 1990
  • 48% made purchases from suppliers outside of the UK
  • 33% made sales to international customers

How many people are employed by businesses in Newtown graph

What is immediately clear is the ongoing importance of maintaining a strong local/regional customer base for many of the businesses surveyed. Indeed, and perhaps surprisingly, only one-third of businesses reported making any overseas sales, with five of these companies selling within Europe only and the other eleven within Europe and the wider world.  However, for these specific companies international customers could account for anything up to 50% of their clients.

Percentage of sales are made to local, regional, national and international pie chart

We were therefore intrigued to find out more about how these businesses go about competing for customers and sales within a global market and the nature of those international trading relationships. Follow-up interviews would reveal some fascinating stories of how businesses in Newtown are connected to places around the world in wholly unexpected ways, as the following examples will demonstrate.