Maps and conclusions

Global trading town

Although most companies have a fairly local or regional customer base and target market, some (as the map below map illustrates), are truly global in reach.

Customer Continents Chart

From the Welsh flannel of the 19th century and the floral dresses of Laura Ashley in the 20th, through to climbing gear ascending the heights of Yosemite National Park, forklift trucks in Burundi and Nissen Huts in Antarctica, Newtown has always been global. Its products continue to be sold around the world yet perhaps the ‘Newtown brand’ is less prominent than in the past.

Large companies and employers, such as Pryce Jones and Laura Ashley, developed a global reach and presence and in doing so became synonymous with broader perceptions of the town itself. Yet what we see when we look at other business stories is a tale of everyday globalization – of globally connected enterprises trading on what they do rather than where they are.