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Assembling Newtown involves a broad range of investigations into the ways Newtown is connected with other parts of the world.

We have been looking at the town's history, the businesses and industry that are based there, our relationship with food, and the social events and networks that help glue the town together. We are also exploring the cultural life of the town, the everyday ways our purchase and sale of things are woven into a vast global economic network, and the way we spend our time. And we are looking at the politics and priorities that influence what happens in a small market town.

Some of these issues are being explored through a large number of in-depth interviews with a cross-section of Newtown residents of all ages and backgrounds. These provide first-hand accounts, stories and recollections about their lives and the changes they have experienced and their views about what the town is like to live in and its future. Other themes are being explored by working with more focused local groups, for example the Newtown schools.

On these pages we outline some of the research projects we have been, and we plan to do.